Our purpose is to use fruit that is growing in our neighbourhood but not being harvested by the homeowners. Our local fruit is generally not treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers and certainly not sprayed to ripen or waxed to preserve them for shipping.  It is local produce.  

We also gather from some local BC fruit vendors in town. We take the bruised and ‘ugly’ fruit that cannot be sold and ‘rescue’ it. We feel it fits our mandate as it has been grown, harvested and transported here and if we do not intervene, it will be wasted. We thank the vendors that support us: Walker’s Own BC Fruits and Steve and Dan’s BC Fruits.

We are also gifted with excess fruits from The Organic Box here in Edmonton. These are lovely organic fruits and with their encouragement we are starting a small organic line of jams as well.  Many thanks for the continuing support we have received from The Organic Box.