I am an Urban Farmer

I have grown up in a city environment for 50 years and because of my fear of driving have never travelled far from its safe embrace. The odd thing with my nature is this crazed need to garden.

I grew up in an urban farm environment, in that I was blessed with these depression era grandmothers who could create delicious meals with flour, water, and fruit from their garden. The incredible flavour of my Great-grandmothers raspberry juice spritzers, and the first taste of her Kohlrabi fresh from her garden are olfactory memories that I carry with me to this day.

I love to pick fruits and vegetables especially when no one else uses them.  I want people to realize that there is a bounty of food right here in our own city gardens.

I began this season with the idea of picking rhubarb to be the base of most of our first preserves.  I experimented with a couple of harvesting methods.  One way was if a crown contained four stalks I would pick two, this gave the ornamental aspect of the rhubarb its ability to shine.  The other method was pick it all and wait for the new crowns to mature into a whole new crop.

I have had a continuous supply of rhubarb from all six gardens that I have picked from, which equates to about 400 pounds and the season continues till fall, although it is starting to weaken.  Raspberry picking has produced about 50 pounds picked and there should be raspberries till mid August.  This is basically from one wonderful neighbourhood patch.

I am saddened by how many raspberries are rotting on the bush,  I just cannot keep up to their wonderful bounty.  I encourage people to pick their own and if you want to assist us please call or e-mail.

The Cherry trees are starting to ripen and I have never picked them before, and of course there are apples and cranberries coming too. With all the moisture the fruit trees are doing awesome. Keep in mind if you do not want to eat your own garden bounty the Food Bank will take all unprocessed fruit and vegetables.