Selling Jam Can Be Tricky and Sticky

I like to think that at Fruits of Sherbrooke we are more than jam; more than fruit, sugar and pectin.  The tricky bit is conveying this to our customers by standing out and getting the 'Rescued Fruit' part across loud and clear. This weekend was a full adventure of markets for Fruits of Sherbrooke.  First at City Hall Market on Saturday and then at Seedy Sunday on well, Sunday.  When I reflect on our experiences I smile to myself as I admit the first days in February we were a bit on the green side....I mean green as in inexperienced not green as in environmentally savvy - which we are of course.  Take for example our table:

The dollar store plastic table cloth, not very attractive.  A slightly disorganized display but not too bad.  However, small details to improve on are business cards, so that people can call us with orders or even when the time comes with fruit to donate.  A small write up giving a description of who we are and what we are about, not to mention getting that all important message out.....rescued fruit!!

We have changed the table cloth and added a few coloured napkins to help keep us from being washed out and blending into the City Hall walls.  Next, tastings - one way to showcase our jams is to provide a little smattering of our jams and convince everyone how yummy they are!!  It can get sticky but a little tasting goes a long, long way.  Shopping at a farmers market is a fabulous way to spend a couple hours, come hungry - leave full.


Speaking from the heart, my favorite part of this fruitful experience is meeting so many fascinating people.  Not only our fellow vendors who are all so talented and very passionate about living local, but also the customers.  They take time out of their Saturday to pick up a few...or a lot of items to haul back to their homes and many embrace new products and new ideas and I thank them for that!

There are a few items on our wish list including a banner and the labels need a little extra something.  These items will come in due course.  Be sure to stop by and say hello if you come to the City Market - we'll be there every Saturday 10am to 3pm.