Look For Us at the 104 Street Downtown Farmer's Market

Well a new adventure and another growth spurt for us.  As mentioned in the previous post, we are back at Callingwood Farmer's Market on Sundays and we have been inside city hall since February 2012.  On May 19th we make out first appearance at the outdoor Farmer's Market on 104 Street.   This is a steep learning curve as we have been 'sheltered' so far, by having our table provided and being under the breezeway canopy at Callingwood - thanks Wayne!  and then hidden from the elements inside City Hall for the winter.  Now we are wrestling with having to find and put up a tent, attaching anchors to the feet so it does not blow away, and figuring out how to haul all our equipment and product.  It seems overwhelming when it is all new, but then we look around at all the other vendors who have done this for years and the huge loads they have to manage with tons of fresh produce to haul in or freezers to get into place and our challenges look much more reasonable.  We can do it! We will be there with our tent up, our aprons on and tasting spoons at the ready!   See you on 104 St on Saturday May 19th.