Love Local - Valentine Craft Sale - Sunday February 10, 2013

This is a great sale that is just in time for Valentines Day.  It will be in the lovely ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe so there will be crystal chandeliers and it promises to be a grand event.  This event is both a wonderful gift sale and a fundraiser for the Fruits of Sherbrooke Society (see below for details). Date:  Sunday February 10th  from 10 am to 4 pm.

Location:  Main floor Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe.  This is right downtown at 10111 Bellamy Hill.  There is free parking on the street on Sunday or $2 for the hotel parkade on Sunday until 5 pm.

Time:  10 am to 4 pm.

Vendors:  There are over 45 tables full of locally made and produced items.

Fruits of Sherbrooke will be there with specially selected items that we think would make a perfect gift for someone you love or just for your own enjoyment.  Sweet options will include Chocolate Cherry Jelly, Taffy Apple Jelly, Black Forest Jam and Sauce, Strawberry Rhubarb Sambuca Jam,  and Cinnamon Apple Jelly plus some other wonderful choices.  In the savoury category will be our Chipotle Ketchup, 3 C's in Balsamic, Ginger Plum Sauce and Cherry Chili Jelly.

Global TV  -  We were covered on Global TV on Monday February 4th and here is the link.

Here is a list of the other vendors who have confirmed as of this moment.

Afhandcrafts  - Yarncrafts  -

Amy Anne's Trinket Trunk  -  wirewrapped jewelry  -

AnneJane Designs - Accessories for women  -

ArtFul Afterglow  -  Beautiful interior and seasonal exterior decor  -

Blondes With Sticks  - Hand knitting  -

Bluebird Hills Soap  -  Goats milk soap  -

Blue Couch Picklewhat  -  Hand crocheted items  -

Bryanne's Hunny  -  Flavoured honey  -

Cocoa Obsession  -  Filled Chocolates  -

Dawn Saunders Dahl  -  Paintings, portraits  -

Dazzling Designs  -  Hand stitched garments  -

Designs by Diane  -  Handmade jewelry  -

Exxxotic Bakery and Beyond / Cynangel Jewelry  -   Baked goods and Handcrafted Jewelry

Fallen Feather Design  -  Silver jewelry  -

Han Han Shop  -  3-D pop up cards  -

Henry's Crafts  -  Wood, ceramics, knitting  -

Jewels by Jen  -  window rainbows, jewelry  -

Life Line Creations  -  Monsters  -

Lines Designs  -  Textile handbags  -

Little Day Designs  -  Clay creations  -

Medieval Mandrel  -  Chainmail jewlery  -

Memory Mosaics  -  Wall hangings and crafts  -

MoJo JoJo Pickles  -  pickled goods  -

Oodles of Chocolates  -  Cakebites and chocolate  -

Osee Enterprise  -  Glasswares  -

Painterly  -  Fabric, crochet, glassbeads  -

She Does Create  - Handmade Jewelry  -

Soybean Essentials  -  Moisturizing Soy Candles  -

Splashwalk  Beauty  -  Pure pigment makeup & accessories  -chocolate  -

Steeped Tea  -  Loose tea  -

The Bangle Box  -  Pull-on Jewelry  -

The Mombot  -  Window art  -

The Sweet Cooke  -  Chocolate goodies -

Time Designz  -  Watch Faces  -

UK Knitters  -  Hand made knits  -

Vintage Illusions  -  Jewelry  -

World Relief   -  Tablecloths, towels  -

ENTERTAINMENT:  There will be a variety of live music performers as well as a display and demonstrations of the romantic art of being a Knight in Edmonton by the Knights of the Northern Realm (www.knightsof the

Other demonstrations and exhibits will be offered by a fund-raising project for children in Africa - Penseli Ndhoto ( - which raises funds and in kind donations for school supplies;  and the Speak-Out team from Winnifred Stewart - who is a partner with Fruits of Sherbrooke.

$1,000 DIAMOND RING DRAW Smart Betty (  is also a Fruits of Sherbrooke partner.  Smart Betty will be here to introduce their program that offers daily on-line shopping bargains.  They will explain how they support Fruits of Sherbrooke and other not for profit and charity groups.   To attract your interest they are giving our ballots to enter the draw to win the  $1000 diamond ring.   What a Valentine's gift that would be!!!

SILENT AUCTION:  This is the fund raising aspect of the day to support Fruits of Sherbrooke Society.  (see below for details of our plans.)

♥  Petals for Less  - A bouquet a month for 1 year.

♥  Polly's Flower's  - $25 gift certificate

♥  Khulmann's  - Gift box

♥  Sherbrooke Liquor Gift basket and certificate - value of $80.

♥  Daffodil Gallery  -  $85 certificate and pendant

♥   Fruits of Sherbrooke - gift basket of jams and condiments - value $90

♥    Studio Bloom  -  a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase

♥   Window art  -  donated by Judy of  The Mombot - one of the vendors you will see on the 10th. Fruits of Sherbrooke Society - The Bigger Picture.

Fruits of Sherbrooke started with the goal of gathering local fruits that were not being picked or used.  As a result we started to make jams, ketchups and other condiments.  This has been the main focus for the past 2 years as we tried to build a good product and work on the issues of  production and distribution.  We have moved along this path very quickly with the help of wonderful friends and customers.  We are forever growing and learning new things and although this will continue to be fun, and will grow and even finally allow us to pay our staff, it is only part of the mission.

We are a registered not-for-profit society because our vision includes feeding and teaching others.   The next step is to share the knowledge of preserving local food.  We have been teaching courses to those who are interested but we want to concentrate our efforts to assist people who are low-income and/or use the food bank or other food services.   We need the finances to offer the courses to these target populations AND most importantly teach how to use and preserve local food when it is cheap and in abundance.   Many of these skills are easily learned but we plan to support the initiative by supplying the canning supplies, a handbook of recipes and techniques, a dehydrator and follow-up monthly sessions where people can work together to keep the motivation going and skills building and to support living locally for everyone - at least in some aspects.

These are ambitious plans but the abundance of apples and crabapples throughout this city reminds us that there is food yet to be used!!  Learning how to dehydrate can extend beyond local fruits to include foods from gardens, community gardens and other places of abundance.  It is a good way to save foods for those who do not have a freezer or interest in the actual canning process.

Although the jam making branch is busy, we still rely on volunteer labour and have not made any profit to contribute to this second step.  So - the reason for the fundraising!!   Once this part is in place, there are still more plans to unfold in the future.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, contributing in terms of teaching, creating recipes for this new handbook, creating data bases for linking people and resources, we would welcome you with open arms.    If you are aware of existing groups that would be ready for this mentoring program, let us know.  We have to get started somewhere.

Keep watching as things change and grow at Fruits of Sherbrooke.