Think Outside the Bread Box - TOBB Recipes

TOBB - At Fruits of Sherbrooke we create great jam and jelly and it is great on toast, bagels, English muffins, crackers and with peanut butter in a sandwich.  You already know how to do that! We are opening a new section in the recipes that we are calling - Think Outside the Bread Box - TOBB.  These are recipes and suggestions of how to use our product in ways beyond traditional toast.  Slowly we will build these recipes and welcome all contributions from our loyal customers.

For anyone who has encountered us at the markets you will have received the quick run down of TOBB suggestions.  Most people listen and then forget when they are ready for inspiration.   So here they are!!

As all of our jam and jelly products are made with a full fruit component (and no water) before adding the sugar and pectin, there is lots of flavour.  And since the 'rescued' fruits have not been sprayed with pesticides or grown with chemical fertilizers, we use the whole fruit with their skins intact - so this increases the flavour profile.   (For any purchased fruits or 'rescued' BC fruits, we remove the skins before use.)  All of this is to explain that with a full fruit product, you can mix it into a variety of new mixtures and the fruit flavour will still remain.

So take a look at the different recipes or suggestions in this section and have fun!!

Think Outside the Bread Box Recipes