Fruits of Sherbrooke has a write up and photo featured in “Food Artisans of Alberta”!

We are so proud to be featured in this book and congratulate Karen Anderson and Matilda Sanchez-Turri on being shortlisted for the Taste Canada Award!

Taste Canada Awards / Les Lauréats des Saveurs du Canada (Now in its 22nd year) will announce the winners at the Awards Gala on October 27, 2019 at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.

The award category is given to the best food- or beverage-related narrative written by a Canadian author (or authors) that is not primarily a recipe book. This category may include books exploring culinary history, politics, social awareness, memoir or biography, all relating to food, and may include some representative recipes. In this category, however, recipes (if any) will not be tested. In most cases, the overall style of the book will be narrative, but reference texts will be included in this category as well. The topic or theme need not be Canadian.

The other books nominated are as follows: Niki Jabour's Veggie Garden Remix, Out of Old Ontario Kitchens, The Knifenerd Guide to Japanese Knives (by our dear friend and food artisan Kevin Kent!) and The Measure of my Powers - A Memoir of Love, Misery and Paris.

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Fruit Rescue 2018 - UPDATE

We are now almost ready to accept apples.  It has all depended on finding pickers and people to help process them in the kitchen. 

NEW PARTNERSHIPS:  Our mission has always been to use local fruit for food.  When it comes to apples, there is more than we can handle so we have been working to increase the capacity. 

We are pleased to announce that we have a number of partnerships with charities and community organizations in the city who are connected to people who want the apples for food.  These groups include newcomers to Canada,  people with disabilities, and community groups who are dealing with food insecurity for their members.  In addition we have connected with a residential facility with kitchens and residents who are keen to do the fruit preparation.   We will act as the clearing house and pick as much as our volunteers can handle and refer many other requests to these groups.  So you may be contacted by Fruits of Sherbrooke or another group who will identify that they are community partners with us.  

Alternative organizations that accept donated fruit

**Please call to check that they are accepting fruit**

*  Edmonton People in Need Shelter Society  -  10320 96 Street   -  (780) 420-6576

*  Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre  -  9611 101A Avenue  -  (780) 423-5302

*  Edmonton Food Bank  -  11508 120 St  -  (780) 425-2133

*  Mustard Seed Mission  -  10635 – 96 Street  -  (780) 426-5600

*  Neighborhood Centre  -  10050 – 81 Avenue  -  (780) 439-5216

*  Bissell Centre  -  10527 96 St  -  (780) 423-2285

*  University of Alberta Food Bank - (780) 492-8677

*  Grant MacEwan University Food Bank - (780) 633-3163

Before you donate…don’t forget to check for apple maggot!   Link here for information on apple maggot and how to check your apples.  Apples with apple maggot cannot be donated to others for food.  We know that some homeowners make a different decision for their own use.  

PICKING:  Please do not put apples - or any food in green, black, white or blue garbage bags as they are treated with toxic chemicals.  Put them in boxes, plastic storage bins, or grocery carry-out shopping bags.  The plastic grocery bags are food safe and the cloth carry out bags are also safe for use.