A Sign of Things to Come

Ah apple blossoms, what a pretty sight to behold after our long Canadian winter.  And while there are apple blossoms to sigh over, there are many more varieties to take time to admire once you take a moment to think about it.  Cherry, crabapple, pear, plum, cranberry and dare I even tempt apricot in this neck of the woods???

Not only are they bursting off the tree and competing with tulips for display recognition, the humble blossoms offer a little hope.  Food.  In a mere 3 to 4 months from now those dainty flowers will have morphed into different varieties of fruit.  We at Fruits of Sherbrooke are even more excited than usual at the prospect of things to come, so much fruit to pick and so many jams to make. As I walked around my garden taking pictures I realized that blossoms aren't just a sign that the snow has gone, but they offer a sign of what will come and what can be created.

The reality is that Edmonton has so much to offer, there are  many varieties and such a selection to choose from here.  We can all learn that living locally is not just for those in California or even Vancouver.  Going out to the backyard or our neighbour's garden (with their permission of course) and picking natures bounty is healthy and cheap - now that's always a great thing!

With the month of May almost done we have started picking rhubarb.  Stay tuned to see what we're creating with Mother Nature's work horse, it will be yummy!