A Good Teacher Deserves an Apple, a Great Teacher Deserves Apple Jam

It's that time of year again.  School is coming to a close as are extra curricular activities.  All those teachers, coaches, instructors and mentors are gone for the summer and what to get them to show our appreciation? There are many popular items but really, do things like gift cards and apple frames stand out and leave an impression?  We at Fruits of Sherbrooke like to think that our preserves are the perfect gift!  Appealing to any gender, age and genre - in fact appealing to those who like food. Well, that leaves the gift receiver option way open.  Jam is something that most people possess but perhaps don't go out of their way to treat themselves to.  Our jams, made with rescued fruit, offer a double appeal; local and delicious  Fruits of Sherbrooke provides something a little different that doesn't break the bank. It gives a little gift that bundles the thought of thank you and good bye together.  Naturally we have a number of apple products including ginger apple jam, maple apple jam and lemon apple jam. We'd like you to consider thinking outside that bread box and get adventurous with something like rosemary rhubarb jelly; very tasty added to roasted potatos, chicken or fish.