Visions of Sugar Plums for Christmas

We received lots of beautiful BC red plums in the fall and have planned to make something special with them.  So they are now out and ready for the markets. As we were closing in on the Christmas season Sugar Plum jam seemed like a most perfect jam for the gifting season.  It is made with plums and spices and tastes just like Christmas!!!   It will be at all our sales from now to Christmas so look for it.

Then we still had plums - what about Chinese Plum Sauce?   Wow it is really good!!   It is spicy and slightly sweet, full of ginger, garlic, onion and tons of spices.    It is great with any Asian foods such as egg rolls, pot stickers, spring rolls, deep fried dishes such as chicken balls, and so forth.   Use it beside or over pork, chicken, duck, wild meats or tofu.  Use it as a glaze on grilled meats or as a marinade.  It is a good starting place for making your own glazes as you can add more spice with Sriracha sauce or add curry, Chinese Five Spice powder or other flavours of your choice.

We have included a few recipes for your reference.

Grilled Pork Chops with Ginger Plum Sauce

Spicy Chicken Wraps 

Think Outside the Bread Box - TOBB Recipes

TOBB - At Fruits of Sherbrooke we create great jam and jelly and it is great on toast, bagels, English muffins, crackers and with peanut butter in a sandwich.  You already know how to do that! We are opening a new section in the recipes that we are calling - Think Outside the Bread Box - TOBB.  These are recipes and suggestions of how to use our product in ways beyond traditional toast.  Slowly we will build these recipes and welcome all contributions from our loyal customers.

For anyone who has encountered us at the markets you will have received the quick run down of TOBB suggestions.  Most people listen and then forget when they are ready for inspiration.   So here they are!!

As all of our jam and jelly products are made with a full fruit component (and no water) before adding the sugar and pectin, there is lots of flavour.  And since the 'rescued' fruits have not been sprayed with pesticides or grown with chemical fertilizers, we use the whole fruit with their skins intact - so this increases the flavour profile.   (For any purchased fruits or 'rescued' BC fruits, we remove the skins before use.)  All of this is to explain that with a full fruit product, you can mix it into a variety of new mixtures and the fruit flavour will still remain.

So take a look at the different recipes or suggestions in this section and have fun!!

Think Outside the Bread Box Recipes

City Market Downtown

Fruits of Sherbrooke is very excited to announce that we will be selling our jams and jellies at the City Market Downtown, located indoors at City Hall at Winston Churchill Square downtown Edmonton. This beautiful market is open 10am to 3pm every Saturday until May 12, 2012.  There is plenty of parking underneath City Hall with parking meters available at a great rate of $1 for 2 hours!!

City Market Downtown
City Market Downtown

For further information about the market check out their


 We will have many items available, all locally produced and all delicious including our apple pie filling made with apples from Sherbrooke Community.  This item is ready to go; make your own pie crust or purchase a premade one from your local grocery store, add our pie filling and pop in the oven.  This makes a quick and easy dessert for company or even for a last minute addition to a meal.  With a dollop of ice cream to finish it off,  it's effortless!

Apple Pie Filling
Apple Pie Filling

Apples, Apples - the Fruit that Got Us Started!

The apple harvest has begun and we have been busy creating wonderful things with local apples. The first day of preserving we made applesauce. We wanted to get the maximum benefit from the apples, so we cleaned them and put them to bake at a low temperature in the oven.  This way we are able to soften them, retain all the juices and even concentrate the juice somewhat.  Then we pressed the apples to extract all the benefit from the skins and vitamins under the skin.  We added a little cinnamon and cloves and nothing else.  There is no sugar, no skins nor seeds and a wonderful flavour.  Also - the apples have not been sprayed, no chemical fertilizers or preservatives have been used on them and the skins have not been sprayed with any waxy coating.  The flavour is wonderful.

Why no sugar? It tastes good and it is good for you!! We wanted to keep it natural and available to everyone.  If you want it sweeter, just add your own sweetener to your taste - white or brown sugar, sugar substitute, honey, or even maple syrup.  Also unsweetened applesauce can be used in recipes to reduce the amount of fat or sugar needed which helps those on diets.  Finally there are many recipes that use unsweetened applesauce.  To give you samplings of these, we have started a recipe listing above so take a look at both baking and main course items that feature applesauce.  If you have a recipe to share, drop us a line and we will list it as well.