Think Outside the Bread Box!

We thought we would have a limited palate when we set out to make product with rescued fruit but that has actually pushed the creators in the kitchen to move out of the ordinary and make preserves that are extraordinary!!!  mantra often heard at the Fruits of Sherbrooke is -  'think outside the bread box'.  We are trying to go beyond traditional Strawberry Jam.  With apologies to those who like a traditional jam with their toast, we want to offer unique flavours that tickle your taste buds, excite our creativity and showcase the wonderful variety of foods that can be made with rescued urban fruits found here in Edmonton, Alberta.

We have many products to introduce to you at either of the Farmer's Markets.  Last summer we juiced many of the abundant fruits we rescued and so were able to produce some wonderful jellies over the winter such as Summer Fruits, Taffy Crabapple, Brandied Cherry, Cinnamon Apple, Almond Pear and some savouries as well.  Jams and condiments have continued to be created from our stockpile.  There is Lemon Apple, Caramel Apple, Ginger Apple and Apple Pie jams.  Built around the local Saskatoons are  8 - 10 different flavour combinations.   Cherries and raspberries are perennial favourites and we usually have items with these on the table.  Then tucked in the middle of all these urban rescued fruits are some surprises - peaches, plums and apricots.  Yes! these are rescued too.  Through a wonderful partnership with Walker's Own BC fruits, we have been gifted at the end of market day at Callingwood with produce that has been bruised and not in perfect condition for sale or storage for the next market.  With delight - as it fits our mandate of 'rescued fruit' - we take these nuggets and create jams and jellies that sing of BC warmth and sunshine.

This spring we were contacted by Mike and he gifted us with his surplus of locally harvested wild cranberries and blueberries.  It has been like holding jewels to work with these flavour-packed nuggets.  Like any person who gathers in the wild, he was willing to share his surplus but not his locations, so we are still looking for other sources of local blueberries!  Look for the Cranberry Mango Jam and the already popular Balsamic Strawberry Blueberry with Chili condiment.  Then there is Rhubarb and their tender red stalks just beginning to shoot up and thicken.   We are watching with itchy fingers, waiting for the first harvest and the launch of our Rhubarb Rhapsody collection.

I have not touched on the Savoury items yet and these are particularly fun.  There are the typical hot pepper items, but we are exploring pairings with herbs - Raspberry with Thyme is exquisite, Tarragon Crabapple moves crabapples into the gourmet category, and Rosemary compliments Rhubarb and more items are being created as the herbs come in.

We also like to add liquor to spice up the offerings - such as Strawberry Rhubarb with Sambuca;  Peach Sauce with Cinnamon Whiskey;  Cherry Jelly with Brandy or Creme de Cacao; Peach, Peppers and Port for example.

Gourmet Gift Items.  In discussions with Smoky Valley Goat Cheese we were inspired to create a selection of Gourmet minis.  There are 5 specially created condiments that are unique and with intense flavours, to go on a cheese tray, be used as dips for appetizers or to add to the table at any time.  They make great gifts for a hostess, could be used as table favours or for the pure joy of opening a new jar and exploring the sensations.   These gourmet items are also perfect for those indulgent sandwiches with artisan breads, good cheeses, meats and greens.  Try creating your own signature flavour combination.

The above list is to tempt you but also to give you information.  We have many different items and thus choose to feature about 1/4 of them each market day and offer samples of about 3 or 4 each time.  We are constantly creating new products and combinations, inspired by what is in season or arrives on our doorstep.  So there are always new flavours that seem to appear almost without notice!  It is exciting for those of us who create these treasures, sometimes a surprise to the person staffing the market table and we hope they are a delight to our customers.  We invite you to drop by often, check out what is making an appearance that day.

Our products are not boring and we invite you to live outside the breadbox.   Take home something new, challenge yourself to use our products in new ways!   Then send us your recipe or suggestions and we will post them.