Board Treasurer

Number of volunteers/positions needed: 1 position

Location: Can mostly be done at home; meetings with directors/committee will be needed.

Authority and Accountability:

  • The Treasurer is a volunteer officer of the Fruits of Sherbrooke (FOS) board.
  • Oversee the financial matters of Fruits of Sherbrooke with good practice in accordance with FOS governing documents and financial and legal requirements.
  • Report monthly to the FOS board about the financial health of the organization.
  • Assume a leadership role on board committees or initiatives related to financial matters.
  • All FOS accounting (Bookkeeper, etc.) reports directly to the Treasurer.
  • Accountable to the Board of Directors and Membership.
  • The Treasurer is a voting member of the board and has signing authority.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Exercises general financial oversight and acts as the information and reference point for all FOS financial and management accounting matters.
  • Compares actual financial performance against predicted financial performance in the budget, so the board understands the state of its finances.
  • Reports on the current economic status as required.
  • Ensures FOS board understands their financial obligations and that these obligations meet the conditions of funders and regulatory bodies.
  • Works with the FOS board to generate useful budgets, financial systems, procedures, and controls at all levels of FOS. Ensure these established systems are in line with best practices and legal requirements.
  • Advises the board on the financial implications of strategic, operational and fundraising plans.
  • Works with the Bookkeeper to ensure that all record-keeping and financial accounts are maintained in a timely and correct manner.
  • Works with the Bookkeeper, the Treasurer prepares and present financial statements for regular general meetings and the AGM including but not limited to Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Ensures that FOS complies with tax regulations, such as GST and payroll tax.
  • Works with the Bookkeeper, the Treasurer signs and distributes cheques for payroll, supplier invoices, government remittances as well as other FOS expenditures.
  • Responsible for yearly tax returns.
  • Generates relevant documentation as required for internal and external audits.
  • Ensures that those who handle money keep proper records and documentation.
  • Controls and manages fixed asset records.
  • Recruits, trains and supervises accounting volunteers or staff.
  • Liaises with the bank.
  • Works with third-party accounting or auditor as required.

Required Skills:

  • The ability for critical appraisal and can contribute to strategic planning.
  • A good understanding of accounting and a working knowledge of the laws governing the organization's operation.
  • The Treasurer, as a Board member, should be a team player who understands the mission and goals of FOS.
  • Detail orientated, an objective individual with excellent communication skills with the ability to relay details of a financial report to other FOS board members in non-financial jargon.
  • The successful candidate will be required to provide a Police Information Check. We will give you a letter to confirm you are a volunteer as well as reimburse you for the $15 fee.

Age Requirement: None

Dress Code: Casual

Term: The commitment to the FOS board is a minimum of two years.

Time Commitment: Approx.15-20 hours a month

Job Type: Volunteer Board Member