If you know the story of the man who had nothing to eat but encouraged others to contribute to his 'stone soup' so all would have food to eat, you will understand the source of the name.  If not here is a link to the fable. Here in Edmonton we only have a few fruits with stones in them and we selected the cherry for our project name - Cherry Stone Soup.  We plan to use our jam cooking pots and fill them with donated urban fruit and with this teach others how to preserve the abundance and feed people.  In the fable it is poor and hungry people who share in this experience and they all end up with food to eat.

So together we can create our own Cherry Stone Soup Project where those who are low income, for whatever reasons, will qualify for a FREE class to learn how to make jam, jelly, applesauce, pie filling, or how to dehydrate to use later.  They will make the products during the class and then take home their products for their own use.

  • We have people with tons of fruit that goes to waste in their yards.   There are more apples and crab apples than most people know how to handle.
  • We have lots of hungry families and children.
  • Fruits of Sherbrooke has the knowledge, equipment and desire to pull these 2 groups together to teach canning and dehydrating skills.

We have started by teaching jam making each month with a community kitchen.  In the summer we would like to offer a number of free courses throughout the city to groups identified by Alberta Health Services, immigrant services, community kitchens, food banks and so forth.

The primary reason for doing this is that this is good fruit as most has not been sprayed with any chemicals.  The apple skins have not been sprayed with wax for shipping so it is soft and edible.  And it is FREE.

Step #1.  To teach the classes - should be launched in the summer of 2014.

Step #2.  To find funding so we can provide participants with supplies.  If you are low income, you do not have disposable income to purchase canning equipment or a dehydrator.

Step #3.  To create a process to link those with trees needing to be picked with those who want to pick and use the fruit.  (Anyone want to take this on?)  This would be in addition to the service provided by OFRE  (Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton).

Step #4.  To find ways of linking those with other garden produce to donate with those who want it.  And see if there are ways for gleaning in other larger garden operations.

Lots can happen here and it is all with the mission of using what grows in the city naturally and is presently not being harvested and used for food.

Eat Local can apply to all incomes.