In-House Fruit Rescue Coordinator

Number of volunteers/positions needed: 1 position*

*This position can be shared among two to three people with a good communications system in place (1 person per dayis needed)

Location: Westmount Community League; 10978-127 St., Edmonton

Authority and Accountability:

  • Responsible for paperwork related to fruit rescue and assist with preparing fruit for rescuing
  • The In-House Fruit Rescue Coordinator is a volunteer Fruits of Sherbrooke (FOS) committee position
  • Accountable to the Production Director
  • In-House Fruit Rescue Coordinator is a voting member of FOS
  • Works with the Fruit Rescue Coordinator and Volunteer Director

Key Responsibilities:

  • Greet pickers and homeowners who arrive in the morning
  • complete paperwork and keep track of amount of fruit received and processed
  • Check fruit is in good condition and is delivered in food-safe containers
  • Ensure supplies are ready for pickers to replenish what they have used; bags, boxes and paperwork
  • Coordinate with the Fruit Rescue Coordinator to make sure the required amount of fruit needed is getting picked
  • Create a daily inventory and create a manual for next year’s coordinator
  • Works with the Volunteer Director closely to communicate shifts and fruit needed

Required Skills:

  • Detail orientated
  • Good organizational skills
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication
  • Related experience would be an asset
  • Enjoys working with people and making a difference
  • Access to a computer, internet and cell phone
  • Comfortable with Google Gsuite, email and basic office/internet software

Term: The commitment to the FOS is a minimum of one year

Time Commitment: 10 - 30 hrs a month (depending on whether this position is split or not, 9 – 11am, Monday to Wednesday, Mid June to end of September (3.5 months)

Age Requirement: None

Dress Code: Casual

Job Type: Volunteer Committee Member