Fruit Rescue Coordinator

Number of volunteers/positions needed: 1 position (One person with a bit more time could do this job but two people can share this role if they set up a good communication process.)

Location: Can mostly be done at home; meeting with volunteers and director/committee may be needed from time to time. We recommend you visit the production kitchen (Mon -Wed), as well as “Fruit Rescue Kitchen” (Thurs) to see how they both work.

Authority and Accountability:

  • Match fruit we need for the year with the donated fruits from homeowners; and volunteers who are willing to pick it
  • The Fruit Rescue Coordinator is a volunteer Fruits of Sherbrooke (FOS) committee position
  • Accountable to the Production Director
  • Fruit Rescue Coordinator is a voting member of FOS
  • Works with the “In-House" Rescue Coordinator, Volunteer Director and Software Programmer

Key Responsibilities:

  • As this will be the first year using online software, you will need to work with software programmer to test and request changes as needed (software needs to be ready to launch for mid-June)
  • You will also need to make sure that the software is working and that it serves all parties; FOS, homeowners and pickers by soliciting feedback
  • Will work with the Volunteer Director closely to communicate shifts and fruit needed.
  • Works with homeowners who want to register their fruit for donation but do not want to use the on-line process
  • Regular check-ins with the “In House" Rescue Coordinator to make sure processes are working and confirm how much fruit has been collected and how much more we need.
  • Make calls to current and past fruit donors and pickers,as required
  • Make sure all parties have access to information they need – such as forms, information sheets and drop off instructions.
  • Ensure no fruit is put into garbage bags (green, black, blue, or white) as these all have toxic chemicals
  • Make sure volunteer pickers are aware that they can take a share of the fruit they have picked (about 1/4 of their pick is reasonable).

Required Skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills and communication
  • Organized
  • Detail orientated
  • Related experience would be an asset
  • Enjoys working with people and making a difference
  • Access to a computer and internet
  • Comfortable with Google Gsuite, email and basic office/internet software

Age Requirement: None

Dress Code: Casual

Term: The commitment to the FOS is a minimum of one year

Time Commitment: Approx. 30 hrs a month, Mid-June to end of September. Some months may require more time and others less*.

Job Type: Volunteer Committee Member

*Please note that demand will be higher as the season progresses. Weather can greatly affect plans; with rain or lots of sun and fast ripening fruit, etc. Mid-August to September is the busiest time as the apples are ready and there are more than we can handle.

In the fall, one of the challenges is to find small not-for-profits or community groups or charities who will take excess apples. You can even find distillers, wine or cider makers or local farmers who will take the apples and crab apples. You will then create a list and make this available to homeowners we have to decline.