Created and shared by Chef Danielle Job of Prairie Catering, Edmonton


Oreo baking crumbs                                    1 cup

Butter or margarine, melted                       1/3 cup


Cream cheese, room temperature          16 oz or 2 packages of 250 ml

White sugar                                               1/2 cup

Vanilla extract                                           1/2 teaspoon

Eggs                                                           2

Fruits of Sherbrooke Black Forest Sauce 1/3 cup



Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

To make the base:  Line a 8 inch spring form pan with parchment paper.  Combine the Oreo crumbs and melted butter, then pat down into the prepared pan. 

Bake for 10 minutes then remove from the oven. 

Reduce heat of oven to 325 degrees. 

For the filling:  With an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese and sugar until smooth.  Add vanilla and eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. 
Pour cheese mixture evenly on top of the prepared crumb base. 
Pour the Black Forest Sauce in circles onto the cheesecake batter.  Then take a butter knife and swirl through the batter and ribbons of sauce. 
Bake 40 – 50 minutes or until set.  Let cool completely and then place in fridge to chill 3 – 4 hours or overnight. 
Enjoy as is or add 1 cup cherry pie filling on top.