Fruit Rescue - Kitchen Work

Number of volunteers needed: 3 - 4 Positions

Dates: Thursdays (June to September)

Time: 9am until 2pm (Min. 3 hrs, preferred 5 hrs)

Location: Westmount Community League; 10978-127 St., Edmoonton

Tasks: Preparation and cleaning of fruit to be used in our products.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Eco- Washing and cleaning of fruit
  • Chopping of fruit
  • Weighing and preparing fruit for storage
  • Juicing
  • Making jams for school donations – if there is time.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • All duties will be under direction of trained Supervisor
  • You will be working with a small group of other volunteers
  • Subject to confidentiality agreement

Required Skills:

  • May involve standing for periods and may also involve some knife skills. You will be working with hot surfaces and sharp equipment
  • Need to be able to follow instructions
  • Responsible and reliable

Age Requirement: None (Teens are welcome to come with a parent)

Dress Code: Casual. No open toed shoes.