Shopping and Procurement Coordinator

Number of volunteers/positions needed: 1 position

Location: Westmount Community League; 10978-127 St., and Edmonton area for shopping and fruit pick-up

Authority and Accountability:

  • Works with Production Manager to make sure ingredients and supplies are in place for the next week (food ingredients, jars and lids, and kitchen supplies)*
  • The Shopping and Procurement Coordinator is a volunteer Fruits of Sherbrooke (FOS) committee position
  • Accountable to the Production Director
  • The Shopping and Procurement Coordinator is a voting member of FOS

*NOTE: You will be making purchases and submitting expenses to be reimbursed at the middle and at end of each month.

Key Responsibilities:

  • With the help of the Production Manager create (or receive) a list of ingredients/supplies needed for the following week and develop a shopping list
  • Monitor supply of jars, lids, labels, tools, and other supplies for assembly of gift boxes and purchase after approval by Production Manager.
  • Do the required shopping and collect frozen fruit that is stored off site
  • Responsible for setting up accounts where possible (with approval from the board), researching and negotiationg best prices
  • Coordinate with Production Manager (or Production Director) for larger purchases such as jars and equipment

Required Skills:

  • Must be good at math to do recipe calculations
  • Detail oriented and organized
  • Must have a vehicle with appropriate insurance
  • Some heavy lifting is required
  • Must have the ability to carry expenses (for up to 3 weeks) until reimbursement
  • Love for shopping and comparing prices
  • Ability to negotiate would be an asset
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Access to a computer, internet and cell phone would be an asset
  • Comfortable with Google Gsuite, email and basic office/internet software
  • Confidentiality agreement to be signed

Term: The commitment to the FOS is a minimum of one year

Time Commitment: Approx. 2 - 3 hours per week (10 - 15 hrs a month), Wednesdays (preferred), February to November (10 Months)

Age Requirement: None

Dress Code: Casual

Job Type: Volunteer Committee Member