Volunteer Director

Location: Can mostly be done at home; meeting with volunteers and directors will be needed from time to time. As a board director you will also need to attend member and board meetings.

Authority and Accountability:

  • The Volunteer Director is a volunteer director of the Fruits of Sherbrooke (FOS) board
  • Helps to identify volunteer opportunities and strives to fill needed shifts and positions within the organization
  • Accountable to the FOS Board of Directors and Membership
  • The Volunteer Director is a voting member of the board

Required Skills:

  • Must be organized and be able to manage people
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication
  • Related experience and leadership skills would be an asset
  • Access to a computer and internet
  • Comfortable with Google Gsuite, email and basic office/internet software

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and respond to email inquiries in a timely manner
  • Work with other directors, committee chairs and program leads to match volunteers with appropriate opportunities
  • Work with the marketing committee to recruit new volunteers
  • Help directors and committee chairs write job descriptions as required
  • Makes sure volunteers are signed up as members of FOS and that signed membership forms are sent to the Secretary
  • Establish a volunteer recognition system
  • Work to expand the roles of volunteers within the organization
  • Collect and record volunteer hours monthly
  • Follow up with volunteers as well as program leads to assess satisfaction or concerns and follow up accordingly
  • Write letters of recognition regarding number of volunteer hours done for school students and others who need a written record
  • Create information packages for new volunteers about FOS vision and mission.
  • Explore new ways of involving individual volunteers as well as corporate groups or community groups to be part of the FOS work

Term: The commitment to the FOS board is a minimum of two years.

Time Commitment: 15-20 hrs a month. Some months may require more time and others less.

Job Type: Volunteer board director