Fruit Stars  October 1, 2016 to the beginning of June 2017 Summary Report.

We made the following items with Fruit Stars volunteer power.
*  Apple Chips,  Apple Leather,  and Apple Sauce Tubes.   12,878 individual snacks made and packaged.
*  With Love Jams                                                                    34 x 1 Litre jars plus 12 x 500 ml jars.
*  Gourmet Ginger Apple and Chili Apple Chips – to be sold as a fund raiser- 620 bags of 100 g.


Apple Chips, Leather and Apple Sauce
E4C School Nutrition – Snack programs   9,900
U of A KEY program                                       500
U of A – U- School                                        1,450
U of A Unwind Your Mind                            2,028
Total                                                             13,878 individual snacks

With Love Jams were donated to the following programs. 
E4C                                         18  Litres
YESS                                        5  Litres
Mosaic Centre                         7Litres
Operation Friendship             5.5 Litres
EPS Aboriginal Liason
                Program                  4.5 Litres

Volunteer and Staff Hours to accomplish this.

U of A Community Service Learning Students            228 hours

U of A Alumni Volunteers                                              368 hours

Community volunteers                                                  240 hours

Fruits of Sherbrooke staff                                             405 hours

Total hours required for 2016 - 2017                        1,241


Tower Wealth Management – defrays staff salary costs
U of A - CSL Small Grant – paid for large dehydrator, steam jacket pot for cooking and apple slicer
Steve and Dan’s BC Fruit – major discount on the purchase of the BC apples
Fruits of Sherbrooke – overhead, supplies, equipment, packaging, mileage, freezers, and everything else.

Prepared by Carol Cooper - June 2017.