Carol Cooper

Carol took on the challenge of making jam and creating recipes that highlighted the fruit that we have in such abundance - apples, crab apples, rhubarb, sour cherries and pears.  Now she is in charge of production and has a team to assist with the cooking.  She has also taken the lead in the Fruit Stars initiative.  

Alan Cosh

Al joined in the first year and has taken on the task of sales and running markets and other administrative tasks.  We started selling at one Farmer's Market and now are in 4 major local famer's markets and in a number of retail locations.  He has a team of vendors who help and he teaches by inspiration as he is our best salesperson.

Christina Piecha

Christina started the whole enterprise by wanting to see all the local apples being used for food.  She saw they were being shoveled into bags to go out in the garbage while there are hungry people in our city.   She turned to Carol and said "We should do something about that."  And thus Fruits of Sherbrooke started.  

Here is an overall profile on Fruits of Sherbrooke created by Alberta Agriculture in a series on local producers.