New Community Partnerships

Christina has created a wide network of small community food banks, charities, community kitchens, not-for-profit groups and group homes, who will take excess fruit for their members. If our kitchen is full, we will often ask homeowners to deliver their fruit directly to these community resources, so they have the pleasure of knowing who will be using it.   Sometimes in the height of apple season even these recipients are overloaded and our final option is local people who make wine and cider.  We try very hard to make sure that all fruit is used and are proud that the only fruit that goes to the garbage are apples infested with apple maggot.  The city composts all these items at high temperature which will kill off the insects so it is a good plan.

New for 2015 are the following 2 programs.

School Snack Program:   We plan to partner with E4C in the inner city to get apples to them for their snack programs.  We have tried to give them apples on short notice but they need to plan further ahead. So we hope to set things up differently.  They will give us the number of students who need a fruit snack on certain days in the fall and we will put it out to the homeowners and volunteers and see if they can fill the demand for that day.  It is quite a different way to do things for us - to try to fill orders - but maybe this will be the way to have local kids eat local apples.  We will know by the end of September 2015.

If anyone has an approved location to make apple sauce or dried apple chips for the snack program, let us know. 

Multi-Cultural Groups:  We started this fall to teach local food animators within the multi-cultural communities different ways of preserving apples - such as making apple sauce and jams and dehydrating. The goal is to work with people who want to pick apples in the community and connect them with homeowners who would welcome them into their yards.  We will offer classes on preserving and we will set up some groups with the needed tools for their communal kitchen or for a lending situation.  This is how we see the Cherry Stone Soup program finally coming into fruition.  Anyone interested in helping to make this work?