Team Building 2015!

That's right!

Wow! Team building is a really fun day and we had 3 groups this past summer.  This is a full day adventure for a work team to learn about fruit rescue.   They start with coffee and biscuits with butter and lots of Fruits of Sherbrooke jam as they gather and get picking gear together.  They then meet Christina in one of the local backyards where they pick for an hour or so and then bring the fruit back to the kitchen to process it so it can be made into jams.  If we have an abundance of that fruit, they may even deliver it to one of our community partners who will use the fruit.  

The second part of the day is spent learning to make jam and trying to develop their own recipes.  Carol, as the cook, anticipated that the most fun would be making the jams.  Christina as the head picker and harvester, selected  yards that would give the volunteers a fun picking experience.  BUT what we did not anticipate was the productivity of having 6 - 8 dedicated people working all at the same time!  They sure pick a lot of fruit – more than they could process in a day!!  It is the excitement of being outdoors in Mother Nature, with a mission of gathering fruit for others that gets people inspired.   And even though they liked making their own jams, it was the process of sharing that had the biggest impact.  It is rewarding to see the fruit they picked going to the university food bank or a community kitchen or to be handed out to inner city dwellers.  This is all part of our mission - to have the abundance used by those who are hungry and will use it.  

There will be more Team Building days this summer so click to our team building info page to learn more or call us at (780) 244-0129 for more information and to register.   Days and times will be arranged to suit your group.